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Porter Stansberry: What you absolutely have to know about the stock market today

By on April 1, 2014
stock market crash - writing on wall

Porter Stansberry has made some of the biggest calls when it comes to the markets and investing. So it pays to listen to his analysis of the current market. Here are some of his thooughts.

Yesterday’s failed initial public offering (IPO) of video-game maker King Digital marks the first time I can recall a heavily promoted, drastically overpriced stock tanking immediately. Shares of the “Candy Crush Saga” video-game creator fell 16% on its first day of trading. Web-based services Twitter and Groupon have also fallen significantly since their IPOs… but they didn’t collapse on the first day. Looking at what I consider the “Big 3” story stocks in the market right now – Tesla, Facebook, and Twitter – you can see that the last month has been rough. My bet is… these names are going to continue falling. And… at some point… after they’re down 25% or so… the negative momentum could begin to influence other drastically overpriced stocks.

You’ll want to read the entire article. You can find it here… http://feedly.com/e/mNpc9vYD

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