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Peak Gold – How The Romans Lost Their Empire

By on March 26, 2014
Roman Colosseum

This is a great article on what really led to the downfall of the Roman Empire – peak gold. Here is an excerpt:

Ultimately, what creates and keeps together empires is military force. The Roman Empire was so large and so successful because it was, possibly, the mightiest military force of ancient times. The Romans had been so successful at that not because of special military innovations. The recipe for their success was simple: they paid their fighters with precious metal currency. The combined technology of gold mining and coin minting had allowed the Romans to create one of the first standing armies in history. Still today, we call our enlisted men “soldiers”, a term that comes from the Roman word “Solidus;” the name of the late empire gold coin.

Read more here… http://feedly.com/e/-EqGYsZt

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