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Mom & Pop Investors Told “It’s not a bubble,” As The Smart Money Bails Out

By on April 12, 2014

Wolf Richter shows us how the analysts are giving every reason why this is not a bubble in biotech and farmland and other market sectors. They are saying everything except “This time it’s different,” because they don’t want to be laughed at. But the smart money is moving out of these markets while Mom and Pop investors are being advised to stay in. At least they need to stay in long enough so that the smart money can get out at a decent price. In times like these, it would not hurt to move some money to cash. If the bubble does burt, you will need to have cash to pick up the bargains. Those who are fully invested will have to slog through the crash. Remember a 50% correction requires a 100% gain just to break even.

Read more here… “It’s not a bubble,” Retail Investors Are Told As The Smart Money Bails Out // Zero Hedge

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