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Our Mission

At Empires & Ashes we believe that certain timeless and fundamental principles work in the lives of nations as well as individuals. And just as a person’s life can spiral downward when they veer from these basic principles, so too does a nation when it veers from these principles.

The United States is at a crossroads. Since the 1930’s we have been following a more progressive course as a nation and are now close to a breaking point. The principles of limited government, sound money, individual freedom to pursue happiness have been replaced by an unelected bureaucracy with an evergrowing debt, a fiat currency, and a tyrannical nanny state with an aim to keep the peasants(you and me) in their place.

The America that anyone over 40 grew up with is now almost gone. With that reality, anyone with a family and any substantial savings needs to begin to look at how to protect their family and wealth from the government. At Empires and Ashes our aim is to give you the news and resources you need to protect your family and your savings in these turbulent and troubling times. With the Federal Reserve printing money and the social unrest that has been growing since the 2008 bank bailouts, you need access to resources that will protect you and your kin – a plan that will protect your savings from inflation, deflation, or the next financial bubble.

But at Empires & Ashes we do not simply conceed victory to the progressives who have brought this country to the brink of destruction. We know that as more and more Americans become educated as to what America once was and what it can be again, their natural yearning for freedom will lead them to stand up and fight back against the progressive movement. That movement is already underway with the tea party and continues to grow and resist government tyranny. At Empires and Ashes we give you the latest news on this effort along with educational resources and strategic plans for destroying and delegitimizing the progressive movement and its core beliefs.

So thank you for being a part of our efforts here at Empires & Ashes. And remember to take care of your family and your savings. And then  take back your country. God bless.