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Guns, Gold, and Land – Rebutting “Thoughts on the Gold Standard”

By on March 10, 2014
A recent article in ModernSurvivalOnline.com suggests that the gold standard is no better than any other currency. The writer mentions the fact that in Vienna in World War II food was so scarce that you could not even use gold and diamonds to buy food from others. The people simply would not give them up.
Okay, here is one caveat to the gold standard. In times of starvation, food trumps gold. However, the writer fails to mention that while it can be difficult to buy food with gold during times of famine, the value of gold has never gone to zero.
Whatever, the reason may be, throughout the entire history of the human race, we have always placed a value on gold. Gold is real money in that it has this intrinsic value. Dollars are currency and not money. And now that the dollar is a fiat currency (not tied to anything of value) it will eventually reach a value of zero just as all other fiat currencies in the history of the world have done.
So if, during times of emergency, you want to put your wealth into something that will hold its value and most likely go up in times of trouble, then you want gold. It has been one of the best protections against inflation throughout history.
Of course, the writer is correct on the subject of food in time of famine. People will not sell food for gold if they believe that death is imminent if they sell their food. Another great hedge against inflation and insurance policy against emergency situations is land – farmland. If society falls apart in the future then you will want land so that you can grow your own food. Of course, if society falls apart to such a level then you will also need guns to protect your land. With gold you can hide it, not so with land.
So, to brace for a total economic and societal collapse you will want guns, gold, and land.Thoughts on the Gold Standard….. « ModernSurvivalOnline.com

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