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85% of Pension Funds Will Go Bust Within 30 Years

By on April 16, 2014
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Expect cries for bailouts of public employee pension funds in the coming years. According a an article from Max Keiser, 85% of pension funds may go bust within the next 30 years. Here’s an excerpt: “Yet another report shows that the US public pension system is in dire straits. This one comes from renowned hedge fund manager Bridgewater Associates. The study estimates that public pension funds will earn an annual return of 4% or less in coming years due to near zero percent interest rates and financial repression. That, in turn, would cause bankruptcy for 85% of the pension funds within 30 years, the study warns.”

So will taxpayers once again be called on to bailout the waste and mismanagement of others? Stay tuned.

You can read the full article here… 85% of Pension Funds Will Go Bust Within 30 Years

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